Pellet Stove Picture Gallery: Browse at Leisure

Here's a chance to browse the pellet stove picture gallery at leisure and discover stoves you might be interested in. Manufacturers are in alphabetical order. Click the title above each picture to be taken to the full page for that stove.

As well as a picture for each pellet stove from the different manufacturers, the output of each stove is given. If you aren't sure how much heat you need for your home, go to the Best Pellet Stove page where information is given to help you work that out.

Austroflamm/Rika Pellet Stove Pictures

Rika Integra 11 and Integra 11 Insert 42,000 btu/hr

rika integra

rika integra insert

Rika Premio 35,600 btu/hr

rika premio

Rika Visio 35,600 btu/hr

rika visio

Avalon Pellet Stove Pictures

Avalon Newport (Avanti) 28,000 btu/hr

avalon newport

Avalon Astoria 45,100 btu/hr

avalon astoria

avalon astoria insert

Avalon Arbor 45,100 btu/hr

avalon arbor

Avalon AGP 41,000 btu/hr

Avalon AGP

Lopi AGP

Bixby Pellet Stove Pictures

Bixby "Maxfire" 50,000 btu/hr

bixby maxfire

Bixby "UBB", (Ugly Black Box) 70,000 btu/hr

bixby ubb

Bosca Pellet Stove Pictures

Bosca Spirit Freestanding Pellet Stove 40,000 btu/hr

bosca spirit

Bosca Classic Freestanding Pellet Stove 40,000 btu/hr

bosca classic

Bosca Soul Freestanding Pellet Stove and Insert 47,000 btu/hr

bosca soul

bosca soul insert

Breckwell Pellet Stove Pictures

Breckwell 'Big E' 55,000 btu/hr

breckwell big e

Breckwell 'Classic Cast Stove' 42,000 btu/hr

breckwell classic cast

Breckwell 'P22' Maverick 40,000 btu/hr

breckwell maverick p22

breckwell maverick p22 insert

Breckwell 'P23' Sonora 47,000 btu/hr

breckwell sonora p23

breckwell sonora p23 insert

Breckwell 'P24' Blazer 50,000 btu/hr

breckwell p24 blazer

breckwell p24 blazer insert

Breckwell 'P2000' Tahoe

50,000 btu/hr

breckwell tahoe p2000

breckwell tahoe p2000 insert

Breckwell 'P2700' Mojave 45,000 btu/hr

breckwell mojave p2700

Breckwell 'SP6000' Heartland

50,000 btu/hr

breckwell heartland sp6000

Breckwell Solstice P7000 40,000 btu/hr

breckwell solstice p7000

Drolet Pellet Stove Pictures

Drolet Eco 35 Pellet Stove 35,000 btu/hr

Drolet Eco 35

Drolet Eco 45 Pellet Stove 45,000 btu/hr

Drolet Eco 45

Drolet Eco 65 Pellet Stove 65,000 btu/hr

Drolet Eco 65

Ecoteck Pellet Stove Pictures

Ecoteck Francesca 31,000 btu/hr

ecoteck francesca

Ecoteck Monica 35,000 btu/hr

ecoteck monica

Ecoteck Veronica 44,000 btu/hr

ecoteck veronica

Ecoteck Serena 44,000 btu/hr

ecoteck serena

Ecoteck Laura 44,000 btu/hr

ecoteck laura

Ecoteck Ilaria 44,000 btu/hr

ecoteck ilaria

Ecoteck Gloria 44,000 btu/hr

ecoteck gloria

Ecoteck Silvia 48,000 btu/hr

ecoteck silvia

Ecoteck Elena, Elena Steel, Elena Airplus 48,000 btu/hr

ecoteck elena

Ecoteck Sofia 50,000 btu/hr

ecoteck sofia

Englander Pellet Stove Pictures

25-PDVC 22,416 btu/hr

englander 25pdvc

25-PDV 42,000 btu/hr

englander 25pdv

Super 240 - 25-PUF 56,000 btu/hr

englander super240

The Englander 10CPM multi fuel stove 55,000 btu/hr

englander 10cpm

Englander 25EP 25,000 btu/hr

englander 25ep

Englander 25PAH 25,000 btu/hr

englander 25pah

Enviro Pellet Stove Pictures

Enviro Empress 35,000 btu/hr

enviro empress

Enviro Empress Insert 34,000 btu/hr

enviro empress insert

Enviro Mini 30,000 btu/hr

enviro mini

Enviro Evolution 45,000 btu/hr

enviro evolution

Enviro Meridian 45,000 btu/hr

enviro meridian

Enviro Meridian Insert 45,000 btu/hr

enviro meridian insert

Enviro EF2 34,000 btu/hr

enviro ef2

Enviro EF3 40,000 btu/hr

enviro ef3

Enviro EF3Bi Insert 40,000 btu/hr

enviro ef3bi insert

Enviro Omega Multi-Fuel Stove 60,000 btu/hr

enviro omega

Enviro M55 Multi Fuel Stove 55,000 btu/hr

enviro m55 cast

Enviro Maxx 70,000 btu/hr

enviro maxx

Enviro Milan Insert 34,000 btu/hr

enviro milan

Harman Pellet Stove Pictures

Harman Pellet Pro 38 plus 43,000 btu/hr

harman pelletpro38plus

Harman P43 43,000 btu/hr

Harman P43

Harman Accentra Freestanding Stove and Fireplace Insert 40,000 btu/hr

harman accentra

Harman Advance 48,000 btu/hr

harman advance

Harman XXV 50,000 btu/hr

harman xxv

Harman P61 and P61A

61,000 btu/hr

harman p61

Harman P68 68,000 btu/hr

harman p68

Harman PC45 Corn and Pellet Stove 45,000 btu/hr

harman    pc45

Jamestown Pellet Stove Pictures

Jamestown J1000 Pellet Stove and Pellet Fireplace Insert 38,000 btu/hr

jamestown j1000

Jamestown J2000 Freestanding Pellet Stove

45,000 btu/hr

jamestown j2000

Kozi Pellet Stove Pictures

Kozi Model 100 and Insert 40,000 btu/hr



Kozi Bay Win and Insert 40,000 btu

kozi baywin

kozi baywin insert

Kozi Previa 40,000 btu/hr

kozi previa

Kozi Shop Heater KSH 120 and KSH 120 DX 40,000 btu/hr

kozi shop heater

Lopi Pellet Stove Pictures

Lopi Pioneer 28,700 btu/hr

lopi pioneer

lopi pioneer insert

Lopi Yankee 45,100 btu/hr

lopi yankee

lopi yankee insert

Lopi Leyden 45,100 btu/hr

lopi leyden

Lopi AGP 41,000 btu/hr

Avalon AGP

Lopi AGP

Pelpro Pellet Stove Pictures

Pelpro Freestanding Stove and Pellet Insert 42,000 btu/hr



Pelpro Bay Window Stove and Pellet Insert 42,000 btu/hr



Pelpro Home Heater / Shop Heater 50,000 btu/hr


Pelpro Mini 30,000 btu/hr


Pelpro Corn Stove 50,000 btu/hr


Quadrafire Pellet Stove Pictures

Quadrafire Castile 30,000 btu/hr



Quadrafire Santa Fe 30,000 btu/hr



Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 40,000 btu/hr



Quadrafire Mount Vernon AE 60,000 btu/hr

quadrafire-mt-vernon quadrafire-mt-vernon-insert

Quadrafire Edge 60 Pellet Fireplace 60,000 btu/hr


St Croix Pellet Stove Pictures

St Croix Pellet Stoves

St Croix Afton Bay 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Hastings 35,000 btu/hr


St Croix Prescott EXL and EXP 40,000 btu/hr



St Croix York Insert 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Corn and Multi Fuel Stoves

St Croix Afton Bay 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Ashby 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Auburn 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Element 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Greenfield 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Lancaster 40,000 btu/hr


St Croix Lincoln 50,000 btu/hr


Seraph Pellet Stove Pictures

Genesis 106 28,000 btu/hr

Seraph Genesis 106

Genesis 108 60,000 btu/hr

Seraph Genesis 108

Thelin Pellet Stove Pictures

Thelin Gnome 31,300 btu/hr

Thelin Gnome

Thelin Parlour 40,000 btu/hr

Thelin Parlour

Thelin Echo 40,000 btu/hr

Thelin Echo

Tiburon 44,500 btu/hr

Thelin Tiburon

Whitfield Pellet Stove Pictures

Whitfield Cascade 30,000 btu/hr


Whitfield Profile 38,000 btu/hr



Whitfield Country Collection Bella 43,000 btu/hr


Whitfield Country Collection Winslow 39,000 btu/hr



Whitfield Elite Montage 32,000 btu/hr


Whitfield Elite Traditions T300P-2 32,000 btu/hr


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