The Breckwell P24 Blazer Pellet Stove and Pellet Stove Insert

The Breckwell P24 has been around for a long time under various names, since 1988 in fact. Ron Crasilneck of Breckwell stoves himself says that this traditional rustic looking pellet stove "is not for a designer home". Even so, it gets the heat out reliably. He describes it as "their workhorse".

A whole house heater giving 50,000 btu., the P24 has a hopper capacity in the freestanding model of 65 lbs., the Insert holding 5 lbs. more. This allows a burn time of 65 and 70 hours respectively.

The P24 Looks at first glance like a bay window type stove, but it isn't. The side panels are dummies. It has a large ash pan for a stove of this size, and is recommended to be emptied only after burning a ton of fuel. See comments below.

The control board has some trouble shooting diagnostics which, with the manual, will help to pin down possible problems.

If you are unsure of the meanings of the terms in the pellet stove review below,or their implications, please go to the Pellet Stove Reviews page for an explanation.

breckwell p24 blazer

Heating Area 2,200 sq. ft.

Max. Heat Output 50,000 btu.

Min. Heat Output 8,000 btu. zero with optional thermostat

Automatic Ignition Yes

Manual Ignition If needed

Hopper Capacity Freestanding 65 lbs. Insert 70 lbs.

Burn time Freestanding 65 hrs. Insert 70 hrs.

Fuel Type Preferably premium pellets, but will burn standard

Glass Air Wash No

Built in Blower Yes

Convection Blower Capacity 165 cfm.

Thermostat Compatible Yes, available as an option

E.P.A. Approved Yes

Emissions 2.2 gr./hr.

Efficiency 80%


Height 33.25 in.
Width 26 in.
Depth 30.9 in.

See below for insert dimensions

Weight Freestanding 325 lbs. Insert 260 lbs.

Window Size 13 in. by 10 in.

Flue Vent Size 3 in.

Top Vent No

Rear Vent Yes

Rear Vent Height Freestanding 17.5 in. Insert 7.5 in

Battery Backup No See Stove Sentry

Surge Protector Recommended

Colours Black

Exhaust Temperature Sensor No

Low Draft Shutdown Yes

Construction Type Fabricated steel

Automatic Shutdown and Re-ignition Yes, with optional thermostat


One year

Electrical components: Glass and burn pot for thermal damage.

Five years

Steel fabricated components.

10% discount on components after the warranty has expired. Original purchaser only.


Wall Thermostat

Hand held thermostat

Nickel or gold door trim.

Ceramic logs

Ceramic fireback brick panel

Dimensions for Breckwell P24 Fireplace Insert

breckwell p24 blazer insert

Dimensions Insert

Height 22 in.
Width 29.5 in.
Depth 7 in. onto hearth 16.5 in. into fireplace

Min. Fireplace Size

Height 21 in.
Width 29.5 in. front, 22 in. back
Depth 16.5 in

Insert Surround Dimensions

28 in. by 44.5 in or 32 in. by 48.5 in.


There have been some problems with the A-E-033 convection fan seizing. This is being replaced with the C-E-029 fan. Try to make sure the newer fan is fitted.

It's recommended that the Breckwell P24 not be run for more than one or two hours at a time on the high heat setting to prevent damage.

Ashes must be brushed or scraped into the ashpan. There is no ashpan in the insert model, ashes must be scraped out into a suitable non combustible receptacle.



Stir the burn pot, wipe the glass.


Empty the burn pot, clean the glass, brush out the combustion chamber and clean the heat exchange tubes.

Annually, or for every ton of fuel.

Empty ashes, clean interior venting, clean the blades of the combustion and convection blowers, clean the vent system, inspect the gaskets, empty and vacuum the hopper.


If you would like to leave a review of the Breckwell P24 pellet stove or fireplace insert, please use the form on the contact page.

Breckwell SP24 Blazer SP24 Pellet Stove Tradition Series Blazer P24 Pellet Stove - SP24
Breckwell SP24I Standard Black Door & Gold Trim Blazer SP24I Pellet Insert Blazer P24 Pellet Insert Unit

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