Pellets for a Pellet Stove

Every bag of pellets for a pellet stove should get new labelling this year (2012). This is the result of an initiative by the Pellet Fuels Institute and the EPA to reduce variable standards in the quality of fuel on sale.

Labels will apply to three grades of pellets, which are Premium, Standard and Utility. These standards will be enforced by inspection and certification by accredited laboratories.

Premium Grade, suitable for all stoves.

Density 40 - 46 lb/cu.ft.
Fines Less than 0.5%
Moisture Less than 8%
Inorganic Ash Less than 1%
Heating Value By Product

Standard Grade, suitable for stoves that can tolerate a higher ash content.

Density 38 -46 lb/cu.ft.
Fines Less than 1%
Moisture Less than 10%
Inorganic Ash Less than 2%
Heating Value By Product

Utility Grade, suitable for multi-fuel stoves, corn stoves and furnaces.

Density 38 -46 lb/cu.ft.
Fines Less than 1%
Moisture Less than 10%
Inorganic Ash Less than 6%
Heating Value By Product

Always consult your stove manual or stove manufacturer to confirm which grade of fuel will be suitable for your stove or furnace.

Buying pellets online can be a very convenient way to get a good deal. What I've done on this page is gather as many online suppliers of wood pellets as I can find. The deals will change, so it's best to check back here whenever you're considering a bulk purchase.

For more information about pellet stove fuel, please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Below the first set of links are custom search engines that allow you to search the whole of Craigslist and Kijiji and buy wood pellets.

At the bottom of the page are auction listings to buy wood pellets.

Lignetics Wood Pellets from Hardware and Tools Corp

Below are three google search engines that I've put together that allow you to search the whole of Craigslist USA, Craigslist Canada and Kijiji Canada.

These Google search engines are not just restricted to wood pellets - they will search all the listings for any other items as well, so feel free to search for whatever you like.

If you find these search engines useful, bookmark this page for future use or use the 'socialize it' tag at the bottom of the page.

Craigslist USA

Kijiji Canada

Craigslist Canada

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