Which Pellet Stove Insert Should You Consider ?

A pellet stove insert can transform a traditional heat losing open fireplace into a modern fuel efficient heating system. In an open fireplace, much of the heat from the home can disappear up the chimney. An insert with its glass door can control this source of heat loss.

If you don't have a chimney, it is still possible to use a fireplace insert. This is called the 'zero clearance' option. Either a false fireplace can be built into the room, which does not have to extend to the ceiling, or what's called a 'chase' can be built onto the outside of the house. Think of both these solutions as a kind of cupboard specially built to house the fireplace insert. Stove venting can then proceed as normal.

When building a chase, some thought should be given to access for vent cleaning and maintenance. For more information on venting, follow the links from the installation page

What Heat Output Will You Need?

An explanation of how to calculate the amount of heat you require can be found, along with regional climate maps, on the 'Best Pellet Stove' page. When that's decided, or if you already know, you will find below a list of pellet stove inserts in categories according to their heat output.

25 - 30 thousand btu.

Avalon Newport--------- 28700
Lopi Pioneer--------- 28700

30 - 35 thousand

Quadrafire Castile--------- 30000
Quadrafire Santa Fe--------- 30000
Enviro Empress--------- 34000
Enviro Milan--------- 34000

35 - 40 thousand btu.

Harman P35i Insert----------35,000
Whitfield Profile--------- 37000
Country Collection Winslow--------- 37800
Jamestown J1000--------- 38000

40 - 45 thousand btu.

Harman Accentra--------- 40000
Englander 25EPi--------- 40000
Breckwell P22--------- 40000
Enviro EF3Bi--------- 40000
Kozi 100--------- 40000
Kozi BayWin------------ 40,000
St Croix Ashby------------ 40,000
St Croix York------------ 40,000
Pelpro Freestanding- 42000
Pelpro Bay Window- 42000

Rika (Austroflamm) Integra- 42,000

45 - 50 thousand btu.

Avalon Astoria--------- 45100
Enviro Meridian--------- 45000
Lopi Yankee--------- 45100
Bosca Soul------------ 47,000
Breckwell P23--------- 47000
Quadrafire Classic Bay--------- 47300

Over 50 thousand btu.

Breckwell P24--------- 50000
Breckwell P2000--------- 50000
Edge 60 Pellet Fireplace------60,000

Short of Cash?

Seen a bargain but can't afford it at the moment? Go to the Pelletstovefires.com Finance page

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