Corn Pellet Stoves

Corn pellet stoves can be designed to burn pure corn, multi fuel, or a mixture of corn and pellets. The stoves listed below are approved by their manufacturers for one or other of these options.

Burning pure corn introduces problems not associated with wood pellets. Corn contains sugars which can clog the burn pot holes in stoves not designed for this fuel. Adding corn to pellets can increase the frequency with which the burn pot has to be cleaned.

If you are considering burning corn either by itself or mixed with wood pellets, it's best to go for a multi-fuel vent pipe with increased corrosion resistance.

The water contained in the exhaust combines with the flue gases from burning to form a corrosive acid which can rot the inner flue. This is even more likely if corn is being burned. For this reason, it's best to keep the run of the pellet stove venting inside the building where the flue will not become chilled.

Corn pellet stoves have heavier duty burn pots than pellet stoves, as well as a burn pot cleaning scraper in many cases. Unless specifically designed for it, a pellet stove igniter will not light 100% corn.

If you're feeling experimental and need to eke out your wood pellets it can be worth adding a proportion of corn to the mix - up to 50% can work depending on your stove. This could void your warranty unless approved by the manufacturer. Make sure you have untreated corn kernels rather than seed corn which has additives. Mix the corn and the pellets well.

Corn storage requirements are similar to those of wood pellets, with the added proviso that steps have to be taken to prevent rodent access - the critters will chew into sealed bags, leave a mess and probably take up residence. A good way to store corn for corn pellet stoves is in garbage cans with close fitting lids or a specially designed hopper.

Corn Pellet Stoves: Corn Stoves

These stoves are designed to burn only corn.

Pelpro Corn Stove
The Pelpro Corn Stove is large, square and designed for functionality together with low price. With its generous hopper size, a burn time of up to sixty hours is possible.

Corn Pellet Stoves: Multi Fuel Stoves

These corn pellet stoves can burn corn, pellets of most types, and other fuels as well.

Bixby Maxfire
The Bixby Maxfire is an innovative round fronted stove with a curved viewing window. It's available in six colours with an enamel finish, produces 50,000 btu. and will burn any biomass pellet or corn.

Bixby UBB
The Bixby UBB produces 70,000 btu. and is rated to heat 3,000 square feet, an impressive output. By using an adapter, it's possible to connect this unit to an existing hot air ducting system. It will burn any biomass pellet or corn.

Breckwell SP6000
The Breckwell SP6000 is a large multi fuel freestanding stove capable of burning corn as well as wood pellets. The hopper can hold 90 lbs of corn, and the stove can produce 50,000 btu.

Englander 10CPM
The Englander 10CPM Multi Fuel corn pellet stove is one of a few stoves which will automatically ignite corn allowing on/off thermostat operation. It gives out 55,000 btu. and can burn for 34 hours.

Harman PC45
The Harman PC45 corn and pellet stove was designed primarily to burn corn. Burning corn, it produces 45,000 btu. With pellets, this rises to 50,000 btu.

Enviro Omega
The Enviro Omega is a high output multi fuel pellet stove which needs little maintenance. Because of the burn pot cleaner, high ash fuels are no problem. This pellet stove has a high heat output, (60,000btu.), a very large heat exchanger and a 200cfm. convection fan. It's designed to heat large areas of up to 2,500 square feet.

Enviro M55
The Enviro M55 multi fuel pellet stove is a step top stove with an arched top door and viewing window, producing 55,000 btu. and able to heat an area of 2,500 square feet. There is now a cast iron version based on the Enviro Empress. It is capable of burning any biomass pellets, including paper and bark; also, corn, wheat and barley

Fahrenheit Endurance
The Fahrenheit Endurance 50F is marketed as a multi-fuel furnace, but it can be used as a free standing multi fuel stove.

Producing 50,000 btu.'s and able to heat 2,500 square feet, This modern looking stove can either be connected to ducting or used as a freestanding stove with the optional warm air diffuser top.

Quadrafire Castile and insert
A traditional looking cast iron stove or insert with a herringbone brick effect firebox liner. Producing 30,000 btu., a thermostat is supplied as standard. Capable of burning corn.

Quadrafire Classic Bay and Insert
The Quadrafire Classic Bay's large window shows off the brick effect steel firebox back as well as the fire with its realistic log set. It has a large, (24 inch) aluminum heat exchanger. Producing over 47,000btu, and capable of heating a sizable 2,350 square feet with up to forty hours between refills, this is a powerful stove.

St Croix Lincoln
The St Croix Lincoln is a multi fuel corn stove and pellet stove that can burn all types of pellets, corn, wheat, rye, cherry pits and distillers grain. It won a 'Vesta' award in 2008. Producing 50,000 btu. and capable of heating 2,100 square feet.

St Croix Element
The St Croix Element comes in either the pellet version which will burn 50/50 corn and pellets, or the full corn multi-fuel version depending on the grate fitted. Output 40,000 btu and rated for 1,800 sq.ft.

Seraph Genesis 106
The Seraph Genesis 106 corn and multi fuel pellet stove is a european style stove with a cast iron door/viewing window incorporating a sunrise pattern. This stove is capable of heating 1,500 square feet, with a maximum output of 28,000 btu. per hour.The solid state controller is programmable for any type of biomass fuel that can be fed through the stove.

Seraph Genesis 108

The Seraph Genesis 108 multi-fuel corn and pellet stove is a pedestal type stove with a cast iron door/viewing window incorporating a sunrise pattern. The solid state controller is programmable for any type of biomass fuel that can be fed through the stove. Producing 60,000 btu. and capable of heating 2,500 square feet.

Quadrafire Mount Vernon
A large cast iron stove or insert capable of burning a wide variety of biofuels, including wood pellets in various grades, 100% corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat. Produces 60,000 btu. and has battery backup capability.

Edge 60 Pellet Fireplace

The Quadrafire Edge 60 pellet fireplace is designed for homes where no fireplace existed before. Capable of 60,000 btu.'s, it will heat at least 2,400 square feet and will burn standard or premium grade wood pellets, shelled corn, wheat and black sunflower seeds.

Quadrafire Santa Fe and insert
The Quadrafire Santa Fe is a modern looking stove or insert with a good sized viewing window. Produces 30,000 btu. Capable of burning corn. Remote control option.

St Croix Auburn
The St Croix Auburn is a step top and pedestal corn or pellet stove with a flat door. The hopper holds 90lbs. It is rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft. and produces 40,000 btu.

St Croix Greenfield
The St Croix Greenfield is a cast iron corn or pellet stove on legs and is styled as a traditional wood burning stove. Rated to heat 1,800 square feet, it produces 40,000 btu.

St Croix Lancaster
The St Croix Lancaster is a neat, small corn or pellet stove with the same heat output as its bigger brothers. Rated to heat 1,800 square feet, it produces 40,000 btu. Hopper capacity is 35 lbs.

Corn Pellet Stoves: Wood Pellet Corn Stoves

These corn pellet stoves are approved by the manufacturer to burn a certain percentage of corn well mixed with pellets.

25% corn to 75% pellets

Pelpro Bay Window and insert
The Pelpro Bay Window stove produces up to 42,000 btu., is rated to heat an area of 1,500 square feet and has a maximum burn time of 48 hours. The viewing window is generously sized.

Pelpro Freestanding and insert
The Pelpro Freestanding pellet stove is a very square and functional entry level unit. It is capable of 42,000 btu. and can heat an area of 1,500 square feet. The maximum burn time is thirty hours.

50% corn to 50% pellets

St Croix Afton Bay
The St Croix Afton Bay is rated to heat 1,800 square feet, producing 40,000 btu. The sixty five pound hopper allows a burn time of fifty four hours on low without re-filling.

St Croix Hastings
The St Croix Hastings pellet stove is rated to heat 1,800 square feet, producing 35,000 btu. It can burn for thirty three hours on the low heat setting without re-filling.

St Croix Prescott EXL and EXP
The St Croix Prescott is available either on a pedestal, or with legs. It is rated to heat 1,800 square feet and produces 40,000 btu. The hopper is a good size at sixty five pounds.

St Croix York Insert
The St Croix York pellet stove insert is rated to heat 1,800 square feet, producing 40,000 btu. The forty pound hopper allows a burn time of thirty three hours.

Harman P43 Producing 4,300 btu, the P43 is designed to heat in excess of 1,400 square feet. The Harman P43 is a step top and pedestal design with the option of adding a hopper extension.

Corn pellet stoves are more versatile than single fuel pellet stoves and are more capable of handling high ash fuels.

The ability to burn alternative fuels in corn pellet stoves gives you independence from only one type of fuel source. If prices go up for one type of fuel, it's good to be able to switch to another.

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