The St Croix Hastings Pellet Stove

The St Croix Hastings is a cast iron pellet stove on legs and is styled as a traditional wood burning stove. The curved top cast iron doors can open to give an enhanced view of the fire. The glass stove door remains in place.

The Hastings is rated to heat 1,800 square feet, producing 35,000 btu. It can burn for thirty three hours on the low heat setting without re-filling. Hopper capacity is 40 lbs.

This stove shares the same cast iron body as the St Croix 'Greenfield'. The heat exchanger is made from stainless steel to ensure long life, and the ash pan is large enough to only need emptying weekly.

The St Croix Hastings will shut down and re-ignite from thermostat control, and will also run between high and low if some continuous heat is required.

The control board slides out from the back of the stove when needed, normally it's hidden. It has some useful diagnostic features to tell you whether or not all's well with the stove.

If you are unsure of the meanings of the terms in the pellet stove review below,or their implications, please go to the Pellet Stove Reviews page for an explanation.


Heating Area 1,800 sq.ft.

Max. Heat Output 35,000 btu. See comments below

Min. Heat Output 10,500 btu., Zero with optional thermostat

Automatic Ignition Yes

Manual Ignition If needed

Hopper Capacity 40 lbs.

Burn time 33 hrs. on low

Fuel Type Wood pellets, cherry pits, 50% corn and wood pellets

Glass Air Wash No

Built in Blower Yes

Convection Blower Capacity 210 cfm.

Thermostat Compatible Yes

E.P.A. Approved Yes

Emissions 0.7 gr./hr.

Efficiency 78%


Height 32.5 in.
Width 25 in.
Depth 23.5 in.

Weight 427 lbs.

Window Size 12 in. by 11 in.

Flue Vent Size 3 in.

Top Vent No

Rear Vent Yes

Rear Vent Height 11.4 in.

Battery Backup No See Stove Sentry

Surge Protector Recommended

Colours painted matte black or red, black, brown and ivory porcelain enamel.

Exhaust Temperature Sensor Yes

Low Draft Shutdown Yes

Construction Type Cast Iron

Automatic Shutdown and Re-ignitionYes, with optional thermostat


Original owner: Five years on steel parts excluding the burn pot, Two years on electrical components.


Log set
Colours: (see above)


The versa grate agitator operates continuously while the stove is running, and can be a source of noise. Squeaks can be cured by lubrication.

Although rated to heat 1,800 square feet, the Hastings produces 35,000 btu. - 5,000 btu. less than other St Croix stoves rated to heat the same area.


Daily: Check the air holes in the burn pot and shaker plate, clean if necessary. Rake the ash from the burn pot. Use the scraper rod to clean the heat exchanger tubes. Clean the viewing window.

Weekly: Empty the ash pan, clean the air holes in the burn pot.

Monthly: Remove baffle plate and clean the heat exchanger tubes. Clean the exhaust ash traps.

Check the flue venting every two months during the heating season. Check the condition of the stove's gaskets.

Summer shutdown: Remove all fuel from the stove and clean thoroughly. Sweep the venting system, vacuum motor compartment behind firebox, clean the convection and combustion fans. Lubricate the versa grate shaker plate with high temperature anti-seize lubricant.


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