The Smallest Pellet Stove

Short of space? The choice of smallest pellet stove designs featured on this page can allow you to have a pellet stove in places you maybe hadn't thought of. All these stoves have a small footprint and can be installed against an outside wall.

All except one are thermostat compatible which means that the stove can shut down and re-ignite when heat is called for again.

Because of their small size and hopper capacity, these small pellet stoves can't emulate the burn times of their bigger relations, but none of them need to be filled more than once a day when burning on the low heat setting.

You could also consider a pellet stove insert with a 'zero clearance' kit. A 'chase' can be built onto the outside of the house. This is an external housing for a pellet stove insert which enables minimal encroachment on the living space.

The smallest pellet stoves don't necessarily produce the least heat.

Jamestown J1000

The Jamestown J1000 is a very slim stove, only thirteen and a half inches deep, which is suitable for fitting into small spaces. Because the stove is so slim, the insert can sit on a hearth pad and not penetrate the fireplace depth at all.

The J1000 produces a minimum of 6,000 btu. or zero with the optional thermostat It has a maximum burn time of thirty eight hours.


Height: 30 in.
Width: 23 in.
Depth: 13.5 in.

Ecoteck Francesca

The Ecoteck Francesca is a small european styled stove with a majolica top panel. It produces 8,500 btu. on low, zero with the optional wall thermostat. Maximum burn time on low is 30 hours.


Height: 37 in.
Width: 18 in.
Depth: 18 in.

Enviro Mini

The Enviro Mini is a modern looking european style pellet stove. It produces 12,000 btu. on low, or zero with the optional thermostat and has a maximum burn time of 36 hrs.


Height: 34 in.
Width: 17.5 in.
Depth: 19.5 in.

Pelpro Mini

The Pelpro Mini pellet stove is a scaled down version of Pelpro's Home Heater. It has rather nice proportions. Designed to heat either a small home, or a room, the Pelpro Mini produces a minimum of 13,000 btu. or zero with the optional thermostat. Maximum burn time 30 hrs.


Height: 28 in.
Width: 22 in.
Depth: 23 in.

Thelin Gnome The Thelin Little Gnome is a hand crafted small pellet stove in the pot belly style. With built in battery backup capability, it produces a minimum of 8,000 btu. Zero when connected to a thermostat. Maximum burn time is 26 hrs.


Height: 34 in.
Width: 18.5 in.
Depth: 18.5 in.

Thelin Tiburon The Thelin Tiburon pellet stove is innovative in that the owner can change the style of this pellet stove quickly, using only simple hand tools. With built in battery backup capability, it produces a minimum of 10,400 btu. Zero when connected to a thermostat. Maximum burn time is 39 hrs.


Height: 41 ins.
Width: 17ins.
Depth: 23 ins.

Magnum Baby Countryside

The Magnum Baby Countryside from American Energy Systems is an ornate little stove with a retro look. It too has built in battery backup. It produces a minimum of 7,500 btu. Maximum burn time is 40 hrs.


Height: 32 in.
Width: 20 in.
Depth: 22 in.

Drolet Eco 35

The Drolet Eco 35 is a neat little pedestal type pellet stove producing a minimum of 8,200 btu/hr, capable of heating up to 1,600 square feet and burning for 27 hours on the low heat setting, ( or 88 hours with the hopper extension).


Height: 28.5 in.
Width: 22.25 in.
Depth: 25.2 in.

St Croix Element

Powerful and small, the St Croix Element gives 40,000 btu. (minimum 10,500 btu.) and is rated for 1,800 sq. ft. Footprint is 20 by 20 inches, height is 30 inches. Maximum burn time is 36 hours.


The Wiseway non-electric stove has a small footprint of 24 inches wide by 15 inches deep, with clearance to combustibles of two inches at the back and eight inches at the sides.

It is quite tall, though, standing 52 inches high. Produces 57,000 btu/hr

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