Drolet Eco 35 Freestanding Pellet Stove

The Drolet Eco 35 pellet stove was introduced in 2007, a year after the slightly bigger Eco 45.

The Drolet Eco 35 is a neat little pedestal type pellet stove producing 35,000 btu/hr, capable of heating up to 1,600 square feet and burning for 27 hours on the low heat setting, ( or 88 hours with the hopper extension).

A nice touch is the inclusion of filters for the convection blower to stop dust being blown around the house. (see comments below).

Features common to all Drolet pellet stoves are six heat settings, removable door handles, a built in easily accessible ash pan, an optional thermostat and a noise reduction button for the convection blowers.

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Drolet Eco 35

Heating Area 1,600 sq.ft.

Max. Heat Output 35,000 btu/hr.

Min. Heat Output 8,200 btu/hr. zero with optional thermostat.

Automatic Ignition Yes

Manual Ignition If Needed

Hopper Capacity 35 lbs. 115 lbs with the optional hopper extension.

Burn time 27 hours, on low heat setting, 88 hours with the hopper extension

Fuel Type Premium Grade Wood Pellets

Glass Air Wash Yes

Built in Blower Yes

Convection Blower Capacity 210 cfm.

Thermostat Compatible Yes,available as an option.

E.P.A. Approved Yes

Emissions 1.2 gms/hr.

Efficiency 81%


Height 28.5 in.
Width 22.25 in.
Depth 25.2 in.

Weight 190 lbs.

Window Size 15.5 in by 8.4 in

Flue Vent Size Three or four inch

Top Vent No

Rear Vent Yes

Rear Vent Height 16.7 in.

Battery Backup No, See Stove Sentry

Surge Protector Recommended

Colours Metallic Black

Exhaust Temperature Sensor Yes

Low Draft Shutdown Yes

Construction Type Fabricated steel

Automatic Shutdown and Re-ignition Yes with optional thermostat.


Limited lifetime, original purchaser only
Combustion chamber (welds only), heat exchanger (welds only), auger, and castings. - Parts lifetime, Labor 3yrs.
Stainless steel firebox components, surrounds and heat shields, ash drawer, pedestal, trims (aluminium extrusions), and plating (defective manufacture) - Parts 5 yrs. Labor 3 yrs.
Carbon steel firebox components, burn pot, glass retainers, and handle assembly Parts 3 yrs. Labor 1 yr.
Blowers, auger motor, PC board, igniter, heat sensors, switches, wiring, rheostat, and other controls - Parts 2 yrs Labor 1 yr.
Ceramic glass (thermal breakage only), paint (peeling), gaskets, insulation, ceramic logs, masonry-like panels, and ceramic fibre blankets - Parts 1 yr.

Masonry fireback
Decorative log set
Hopper extension
Wall Thermostat


It's important to keep the convection blower filters clean to maintain airflow to the heat exchanger.

Lots of safety features including a removable door handle and auger housing heat sensors. The control board is pictorial and intuitive.


Daily: Empty the burn pot, wipe stove glass, use heat exchanger cleaning rod
Weekly: Vacuum heat exchanger tubes, convection blower filters and combustion chamber. Clean baffle, glass and ash drawer.
Bi Yearly: Vacuum left hand channel and exhaust blower. Brush pressure switch and inspect venting and gaskets
Yearly: Clean the venting system, empty and vacuum the hopper.


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