St Croix Pellet Stoves

St Croix pellet stoves are a division of Even Temp, which is owned in turn by Johnson Gas Appliances. They won two 'Vesta' awards in 2003, and one each in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

Located 5 miles north of highway I-80 on the North edge of Waco, Nebraska, (See 'Contact' below), Even Temp was started in the 1950's by LaMoine Todd as a company set up to insulate homes. After making parts for another stove company, Even Temp started to produce their own woodburners and the went on to produce pellet stoves.

St Croix manufacture three versions of their corn stoves and five pellet stoves, - the latest of which, 'The Lincoln SCR' won the 'Vesta' award in 2008. They also produce the 'York' pellet stove insert.

St. Croix stoves use durable stainless steel heat exchangers and are equipped with a control board that provides diagnostics to detect operating problems.

St Croix Multi-Fuel Grate and Versa Grate

The multi-fuel grate is similar in concept to the Bixby system, but manual, the used fuel is cut off and dropped to the ash pan while keeping the fire burning. This system is operated by two control rods. The upper control rod shaves the burning fire from the clinker and pushes it back from the burn pot. This design enables high ash fuels to be burnt.

The lower control rod allows the clinker to drop into the ash pan. When this is done, and the rod returned to it's original position, the upper rod is used to return the fire to its position in the burn pot.

The multi-fuel grate is a very efficient system which wastes very little fuel, maintains a bed of hot coals, and leaves the ash in a compacted, space saving briquette.

The St Croix pellet stove versa-grate uses a slightly different system to the corn stoves in that the versa grate has a motor which oscillates the bottom of the burn pot and sifts the ash into the ash pan.

St Croix Corn Stoves


st croix auburn A step top and pedestal stove with a flat door like the Prescott EXP. The hopper holds 90lbs. Rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft. and producing 40,000 btu.


st croix greenfield A cast iron woodburner style with the same body as the 'Hastings', available in five colours. The Hopper holds 50 lbs. Rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft., it produces 40,000 btu.


st croix lancaster A neat, square, functional stove available with legs as an option or can sit on a hearth pad without. The hopper carries 35lbs. or 70lbs. with an extension. Rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft., it gives 40,000 btu.


st croix lincoln The St Croix Lincoln is a multi fuel corn stove and pellet stove that can burn all types of pellets, corn, wheat, rye, cherry pits & distillers grain. It won a 'Vesta' award in 2008. The hopper holds 60 lbs. of fuel. Rated to heat 2,100 square feet, producing 50,000 btu.

St Croix Multi Fuel Insert

St Croix Ashby

st croix ashby The St Croix Ashby fireplace insert can be specified in two versions: Pellet and cherry pit using the versa-grate and The Multi fuel version using the multi fuel grate which will burn pellets, corn, wheat, rye, cherry pits and distillers grain.
The Ashby will produce up to 40,000 btu. per hour and is rated to heat an area of 1,800 square feet.

Freestanding St Croix Pellet Stoves

Afton Bay

st croix afton bay An American style bay window and pedestal stove, the hopper 65 lbs. Rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft. producing 40,000 btu.


st croix hastings A cast iron woodburner style stove with the same body as the 'Greenfield', Available in five colours, it has a hopper capacity of 40 lbs of pellets. Producing 35,000 btu., it is rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft.

Prescott EXL and EXP

st croix prescott exlst croix prescott exp The EXL has a flat door and stands on legs. The EXP stands on a pedestal which contains the ash pan. A step top design, the hopper holds 75 lbs. of pellets. Rated for 1,800 sq.ft., it produces 40,000 btu.

St Croix Pellet Stove Insert


st croix york Based on the Afton Bay freestanding bay window stove, the 'York's hopper holds 40 lbs. and is rated to heat 1,800 sq.ft., producing 40,000btu.

St Croix Element Freestanding Stove

The St Croix Element

st croix element This heater comes in two forms within the same casing. The Element P (Pellet) has the versa-grate burner, and the Element MF (Multi-Fuel) uses the multi-fuel burn pot. 40,000 btu and 1,800 sq.ft.

The St Croix Element has a tiny 20 in. by 20 in. footprint.

Contact Information

St. Croix Pellet and Corn Stoves
PO Box 127
1919 Highway 34
Waco, NE 68460

Tel: 1-800-331-8862

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