Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Al Breckell and Dave Wells started Breckwell pellet stoves as a backyard operation early in the 1980's, in Eugene Oregon, then left the timber industry they were employed in to build stoves full time.

The first Breckwell pellet stove was built and tested in 1987. In March of the next year, while keeping the brand name of Breckwell, operations continued under the name 'National Steelcrafters'.

Nowadays, the company operates two manufacturing plants, one still in Eugene, and another in Arlington, Texas.

Since 1988, hundreds of thousands of Breckwell stoves have been produced and gained an industry wide excellent reputation for reliability. The dealer network is vast with seven hundred and fifty three dealers from Alaska to New Mexico. There should be one not too far from you.

The Breckwell pellet stove is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, using high quality materials and components. Every stove is hand assembled. All Breckwell pellet stoves are over 80% efficient.

Breckwell are now owned by the US Stove Company.

Freestanding Breckwell Pellet Stoves And Fireplace Inserts

'Big E' breckwell big e

The Big E is a no nonsense large pellet stove. Available with a small window, it's called a furnace, and with a large window, it's a home heater. The hopper size, large to start with at 140 lbs., can be extended to 350 lbs. giving a maximum burn time of between 140 and 350 hours. This stove can produce 55,000 btu.

'Classic Cast Stove' breckwell classic cast

An uncluttered cast iron stove, freestanding on legs, that produces 42,000 btu. and has a 50 lb. hopper enabling a 50 hr. burn time

'P22' Maverickbreckwell maverickbreckwell maverick insert

This stove sits at the 'budget' end of Breckwell's range. Available as a freestanding stove with either a pedestal or legs, it also comes as an insert. Producing 40,000 btu., the hopper capacity of 45 lbs. allows a burn time of 45 hrs. The hopper capacity can be extended to 110 lbs., lengthening the possible burn time to 110 hrs.

'P23' Sonorabreckwell sonorabreckwell sonora

Like the P22 but bigger, this stove is also available as pedestal, with legs, or as an insert but not with a hopper extension. Giving 47,000 btu., the 60 lb. hopper capacity provides a maximum burn time of 60 hrs.

'P24' Blazerbreckwell blazerbreckwell blazer insert

Larger again, the P24 comes either with a pedestal base, or as an insert. The viewing window is curved at the top and bottom for an 'ovoid' look. The hopper in the insert will hold 70 lbs. of pellets, 65 lbs. on the freestanding model, and the stove gives out 50,000 btu. Burn time is 70 hrs. for the insert and 65 hours for the freestanding stove.

'P2000' Tahoe breckwell tahoebreckwell tahoe

A 'Bay Window' style unit, with a very good view of the fire. Produced as a pedestal freestanding stove or as an insert, the P2000 can give 50,000 btu. with a 70 lb. hopper and a 70 hr. burn time.

'P2700' Mojave breckwell mojave

Only available in freestanding form, this is a 'Bay Window' stove that can heat at 45,000 btu. Hopper capacity is 50 lbs. and burn time is 50 hours.

'SP6000' Heartland breckwell heartland

This is a large multi fuel freestanding stove capable of burning corn as well as wood pellets. The hopper can hold 90 lbs of corn, and the stove can produce 50,000 btu.

Solstice P7000 breckwell solstice

The Breckwell Solstice revolutionises the design of the traditional, rather old fashioned looking American pellet stove. The Solstice produces up to 40,000 btu. and can heat an area of up to 1,800 square feet.

Monticello non-electric breckwell monticello

The Breckwell Monticello operates as a wood burning stove, but uses wood pellets for fuel, and uses no electricity.

Contact Information

Breckwell Hearth Products
2915E. Randol Mill Road,
TX~ 76011

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