The Whitfield Cascade Pellet Stove

The Whitfield Cascade pellet stove is an entry level stove. It is not adaptable to electronic ignition or a thermostat. The high efficiency 'ultra grate' operates at nearly 100% combustion. Up to 40 hours burn time.

Surge protection is recommended.

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Heating Area Up to 1,500 sq.ft.

Max. Heat Output 30,000

Automatic Ignition No

Manual Ignition Yes

Hopper Capacity 60lbs.

Burn time 17 to 40 hrs.

Fuel Type Premium and standard grade wood pellets.

Glass Air Wash Yes

Built in Blower Yes

Convection Blower Capacity 102cfm.

Thermostat Compatible No

E.P.A. Approved Yes

Emissions 1.3g r/hr.

Efficiency 81%


Height 28"
Width 23.75"
Depth 22.7"

Weight 165lbs.

Window Size 11" by 8.25"

Flue Vent Size 3"

Top Vent No

Rear Vent Yes

Rear Vent Height 14"

Battery Backup No

See Stove Sentry

Surge Protector Recommended

Colours Black

Exhaust Temperature Sensor No

Low Draft Shutdown Yes

Construction Type fabricated steel

Automatic Shutdown and Re-ignition No

Warranty 20 year limited lifetime. Applies to original owner and installation address and covers the body, heat exchange tubes and glass, (thermal breakage).

Burn pot: 5 years
Electronic components and grate: 2 years

Options Gold door trim.


This is an uncomplicated stove with very little to go wrong and very little maintenance is needed. The large ash pan doesn't need frequent emptying.


The 'ultra grate' should be checked every day or so, making sure that the air holes are scraped clean.

Initially you need to check ash levels every day or so also, until you get used to how much ash is produced by the pellets you're burning. Dumping ash into the ash pan is easy: just pull back a sliding plate each side of the grate. Dumping the ash is recommended after half a ton of fuel has been burnt.

It's advised to check the exhaust passages and vent pipe for a build up of fly ash every month or two.

The heat exchanger tubes have a built in scraper to remove fly ash. Recommended frequency is from two days to two weeks.

Door gaskets, window wash vents and the rear stove compartment are advised to be checked once a year.


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