Seraph Pellet and Corn Stoves

Seraph Industries was founded in 2004 by father and son team Vance Hirst, (Snr. and Jnr.) with the objective of producing stoves that were capable of burning any type of biomass pellet.

To achieve this, they developed an advanced digital controller which can be programmed to burn any kind of biomass fuel capable of being fed from the hopper to the burn pot.

The burn pot in the 'Genesis' series of stoves contains a device called the 'Cluster Buster' which stirs the fuel as it's burning, preventing the formation of clinkers and helping to keep the burn pot clean.

Fuels that form heavy clinkers are burned in an attachment called the 'Clinker Plate'. This is lifted out as necessary and the clinker disposed of.

The Solid State Multi-Controller control is easy to operate and it displays any problem with a text readout. It also displays the heat value you are getting from the fuel and you can find the best efficient burn settings for the different fuels as well as the exhaust temperature. The Multi-Controller also keeps track of how many days the unit has run which helps with the maintenance schedule.

Genesis stoves come with a heavy duty powder coated finish, not paint.

Seraph Genesis models 106, 108 have the highest current efficiency rating of any stove listed the EPA's list of approved stoves.

The company also markets a road legal car trailer designed specially for bio-fuels such as pellets and corn which holds 30 bushels of corn or 1,200 lbs. of pellets.
The 'Corn Buggy' has a fitted cover. The container tapers towards the base allowing a natural flow of fuel towards the outlet, where a hand crank is fitted for filling fuel containers.

Genesis 106

The Genesis 106 corn and multi fuel pellet stove is a european style stove with a cast iron door/viewing window incorporating a sunrise pattern.

This stove is capable of heating 1,500 square feet, with a maximum output of 28,000 btu. per hour.

Genesis 106

seraph genesis 106

Genesis 108

The Genesis 108 multi-fuel corn and pellet stove is a pedestal type stove with a cast iron door/viewing window incorporating a sunrise pattern.

This stove is capable of heating 2,500 square feet, with a maximum output of 60,000 btu. per hour.

Genesis 108

seraph genesis 108

Contact Information

Seraph Industries
4241 Prairie Hill, South Beloit
IL , US , 61080

Tel: 815-218-4987

Seraph Industries

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