Woodmaster Pellet Grills

Woodmaster pellet grills are a neat looking design. Many American pellet grills look as if they'd be quite at home chuffing along a railway track - not this one.

These pellet grills have two heat ranges. Smoking on minimum fuel feed is at around 170 degrees, the cooking temperature starts at 250 degrees, which is the point at which wood pellets start to burn cleanly.

There will be a enough woodsmoke flavour in the food to make it distinctive, like pizza cooked in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, even without using the smoke setting.

Woodmaster grills have digital temperature control which adjusts automatically to the ambient air temperature, stainless steel grates and a meat probe.

Construction is in either stainless steel or steel with a powder coat finish. There's a wide choice of pictures and logos you can have, or create your own personalised one.

Woodmaster Deck Pellet Grills

The Woodmaster Deck Pellet Grill has insulation around the kettle to help keep the heat even and reduce fuel costs.

The two side trays measure 12" by 18". The temperature control is under the right hand side tray.

woodmaster pellet-grill

Cooking area 380 sq. ins.

Heat output 250 to 500 degrees

Dimensions H 41.5" W 42" (including side trays) D 33"

Weight 120 lbs.

Temperature control Digital, with meat probe.

Stainless Steel, or Powder Infused (Black) Various logos and colour schemes, which can be personalised.

Three years on construction
Two years on electrical parts
One year on finish

Here's an amusing four minute video of a bunch of guys explaining the Woodmaster pellet grill.

Woodmaster Mini Hog Pellet Grill

The Woodmaster Mini Hog pellet grill is built onto a road trailer and has over 900 square inches of cooking area - great for commercial catering or special events.

Two fire pots keep the temperature even over the whole area.

mini hog pellet grill

Cooking area 904 sq. ins.

Heat output 250 to 500 degrees

Dimensions H 50" W 60.5" Length 96" ( side trays are 12" by 24"

Temperature control Digital, with meat probe. Two fire pots

Choice of logos

Contact: Woodmaster pellet grills.com

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