Pellet Stove Parts

Pellet stove parts can be hard to track down sometimes, particularly for older pellet stoves which may be out of production, the manufacturer has ceased to trade, or parts are out of stock. Here are some tips to help you keep the home fire burning.

Whatever you do, if a component has failed, don't throw it away. Even if you can get a replacement part easily and cheaply, the chances are that the failed component will eventually fail again. If you kept the original part you may be able to get it re-conditioned and then you'll have a spare in hand for next time. Re-conditioning or re-building a part may well be cheaper than buying a new replacement.

If you can't get hold of new parts for wood pellet stoves, you'll need to get the old one re-conditioned or rebuilt anyway and to do this you will need the original part to use as a pattern. Electric motors can be re-wound and have their bearings replaced. Burn pots and other static pellet stove parts can be made up by your local steel fabrication shop.

The original pellet stove maker's spares department should be the first resource to investigate, if only to set a baseline price, and contact details can be found on this site for most major manufacturers. Look on the pellet stove manufacturers page for
American Pellet Stove Manufacturers
Canadian Pellet Stove Manufacturers
European Pellet Stove Manufacturers
If you need a manual to get the part number you need, you can download a manual for your stove from the manufacturer's site.

If you are unsure what the difficulty is with your stove, you might like to have a look at the Problems page.

If your stove manufacturer is out of business, or spare parts are no longer supplied, is a good place to do a search or to ask for advice in the forums. Another good plan if you have an older model is to keep an eye open for another of the same model or similar coming on the market which could be used as a donor for spare parts.

Heres a company that repairs pellet stove control boards

Heatwave Electronics
126 Tierra Way Auburn Ca.
Please call 530-820-3700 for more info.

Finding glass for older stoves can be a problem. Here's a company that will cut stove glass to dimension or to a paper pattern.

Woodstove Fireplace Glass

Other Sources Of Parts

Ebay USA can be a useful source of discounted stove parts but availability of specific products is unpredictable. carry parts for:
Glow Boy
and others carry parts for:
and others specialises in Whitfield pellet stove parts, including older models.
and others carry parts for:
Earth Stove
Lennox, (Whitfield)
and others

Stove Parts Unlimited carry parts for Austroflamm, Breckwell,Drolet, Earth Stove, Englander, Enviro, Harman, Napoleon, Osburn, Quadrafire, Regency, St Croix, Timberwolf, Avalon, Lopi, US stove, Vistaflame and Whitfield.

Pellet Stove Parts for Sale

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